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Motors and actuators

Motors and actuators




ASE ATEX offers industrial-grade and explosion-proof low, medium and high pressure squirrel-cage induction motors with a wide selection of mechanical dimensions by an Italian manufacturer, Marelli Motori.

Marelli is a global company operating in the marine industry, power engineering, petrochemistry, water-power engineering and many other sectors. Marelli's credentials include the largest contractors in the world.

Explosion-proof Marelli Motori motors meet all national and international standards and requirements, including IEC, European standards (EN), ATEX. The advantage of their products is most of all the quality of frames and bearings, as well as resistance to adverse conditions, such as explosion risk, extreme temperatures, dust- and moisture-related corrosion.

In order to fulfil the needs of our clients, our company has established an explosion-proof motors centre. Our engineers guarantee professional selection of motors according to the design requirements, as well as supply and installation.



Explosion-proof motors centre


Audits and assessments regarding the replacement or adaptation of existing systems for operation in potentially explosive areas in the power engineering, refinery and petrochemistry industries.


Selection of an electric motor for a working machine drive

  • Specification of load and torque, power, rotational speed selection
  • Specification of the drive system operation characteristics, load curve, type of operation
  • Selection of control and speed regulation systems
  • Operation recommendations



Extent of offer:

Low and medium voltage motors

  • for gas and dust potentially explosive zones (IP 55, IP 56, IP 65, IP 66)

Induction motors

  • low, medium and high voltage

Synchronous generators

  • low, medium and high voltage

Asynchronous generators

  • low, medium and high voltage


Generators for hydroelectric plants, UPS systems, industrial applications. Each segment of a machine is available in a different design and with a different power parameter: max. 4.000 kW for motors and 8.000 kVA for generators.


Compliance with explosion protection, quality, marine standards, above all: EN 50018, EN 60079-7, EN 50021




AUMA is a globally renowned expert in terms of electric regulating actuators for the power engineering, water, oil and gas and industrial sectors.

  • Multi-turn SA and part-turn SQ 66 actuators
  • AM and AC 72 controls
  • Part-turn SA/GS 75 actuators
  • Multi-turn SA/GK and SA/GST 77 actuators
  • Part-turn SQF and SA/GF 78 lever actuators
  • Linear SA/LE actuators