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Detekcja gazów

Gas detection

Gas detection


 Delivery of industrial gas detection systems:

  •          Specification and verification of the required SIL
  •          Selection of detection technologies
  •          Specification of the number of measuring detectors and their distribution – 3D simulation
  •          Specification of the required alarm thresholds in line with applicable regulations
  •          Selection of signalling and warning devices
  •          Integration with other systems: ventilation, shut-off systems
  •          Integration with the master system: DCS, SCADA
  •          Specification of requirements for back-up power supply systems



Provider of state-of-the-art technology

Detection systems are based on various measuring principles. Their selection must be preceded by an analysis of the working conditions and parameters. Measurement technologies that we use::

  •          Open Path Detection
  •          Ultrasonic Detection
  •          Infrared IR
  •          PID
  •          Catalytic, electrochemical, semiconductor and other detectors



SIL – functional safety of detection systems

Detection systems offered by ASE are built on the basis of equipment with proper reliability parameters confirmed by independent certification bodies.

  • Gas detectors with SIL2, SIL2 and even SIL3 measurement central units.
  • ASE offers SILs calculations for entire detection systems



Detection systems for offshore applications

ASE delivers gas detection systems for offshore applications. Solutions offered by us have a certificate of compliance with the “Marine Equipment Directive 96/98/EC (MED)”.




3D gas leak simulations

ASE prepares computer simulations of toxic and explosive gas releases:



  • CFD simulations of gas propagation
  • Simulation of leaks from pressure installations
  • Optimisation of the number of measuring detectors
  • Maximum detection coverage