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Fieldbus systems

Fieldbus systems


Fieldbus Technology

Fieldbus technology became commonplace relatively recently, together with conventional field equipment and HART supporting equipment. Solutions offered by FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus are commonly used in most new installations. A solution with Fieldbus barriers to a great degree replaces FISCO installations.


Fieldbus barriers by R. Stahl are intended for operation in Zone 1 or 2 in a non-intrinsically safe network (called a trunk) and may be integrated with Ex i/FISCO (Ex i FDC), Ex d/Ex m (Ex e FDC) field equipment and simple digital devices and Ex i signals (I/O couplers). The network is powered from a feeder required for the operation of 32 field devices – a single or redundant Fieldbus feeder. Besides new components of the ISbus FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus and Profibus PA system, R. Stahl also offers comprehensive system solutions. Fieldbus equipment may be installed in a plastic, stainless steel or aluminium enclosure. Depending on the application and the client's requirements, R. Stahl can offer a solution combining the components of a Fieldbus ISbus system and a distributed I/O IS1 system in order to establish the most effective solution.




Components and systems to be used in Profibus PA and FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus H1

  • Installation in Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21, Zone 22 and Division 2
  • Enclosures for Fieldbus barriers (couplers) for the connection of Ex i and non-Ex i equipment with non-Ex i Fieldbus equipment.
  • Integration of simple, binary signals in Fieldbus using smart digital I/O couplers.
  • Redundant Fieldbus feeder with the galvanic isolation of segments for FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus H1
  • Enclosures for Fieldbus barriers made of various materials, such as polyester, stainless steel and aluminium
  • System solutions for Fieldbus installations and integrated solutions in combination with distributed I/O systems